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I was suffering from sciatica pain. I had treatment from Ravinder on the ear for this pain. I had full recovery from this pain with this treatment, now Iit has been 4 months since I had last treatment and I am completely pain free. Also I had treatment to conceive as I was trying to have a baby. I am glad that now I am 2 months pregnant. I am very impressed with the treatment which has completely changed my life. I highly recommend this treatment to everybody. Ramuna Andrea.

Ramuna Andrea

I had treatment from Ravinder for my back pain a few months ago (6 months). I am glad to say that I have full relief. I had this problem from last 6-7 months and now the quality of my life has been improved.  Today, I visited again because I was caught by severe cold. Immediately, after the treatment, I had 95% recovery from cold and cough.  It's an amazing experience. I am completely satisfied with the treatment and recommend everybody. May Almighty Bless him always. With Warm wishes Dr Raman.

Dr Raman

I had a severe (10 out of 10) pain in my neck and my jaw got frozen. I also had pain in my right leg (8 out of 10) and it was difficult to walk around.  I managed to come and visited Mr Sahota for my treatment. As Mr Sahota started his treatment, I was astonished to feel that I got relieved straight away and as the treatment was completed in almost half an hour I was 90% relieved from both my neck and leg pains. It was difficult to speak before the treatment which was perfectly normal after the treatment. I woke up next day without any pain. Its been more than a year now and I never had this pain again in my neck, leg or jaw. I am fully satisfied with the treatment of Mr Sahota and would highly recommend to anyone with any kind of medical conditions. Kashif Javaid, Norbury

Kashif Javaid

I has the acupuncture done, having had a slipped disc last year. There was a lot of relief after getting the acupuncture done. My pain is almost 80% improved and would recommend it for an immediate pain free treatment. Jasveer Manku

Jasveer Manku

I had acupuncture for my blocked sinuses, headache, ear ache and neck pain.  I felt improvement straight away and started to feel better. Jasvir Rehal.  

Jasvir Rehal

I have never heard of this before! I am so impressed with the results. I have had sciatica for years and as soon as the treatment was complete; the pain reduced by 60%.  I am definitely returning  and would recommend to all my friends!.  Thank you Keecare Clinic M Gafoor, Wimbeldon.

Dr Muna Gafoor (Dermatolgist)

I Kulbir Kaur, after this treatment, feel 100% right. My headache, backpain and shoulder pain is gone. I am so happy and thankful. I can see the difference.  Thanks a lot. Kulbir Kaur

Kulbir Kaur

My name is Bhagwant Kaur and I am 57 years old. I have been suffering from migrain, for a long time plus have not been able to take on any loud noises as my ears are very sensitve. Recently I having a throbbing pain in my tooth for the past 3 weeks. I don’t like going to dentist. A friend recommended “KeeCare” to my husband, and we came here first appointment given to us. I had treatment today with “Ear Seeds”, and as soon as the practitioner placed the ear seeds on the relevant points, I felt the pain on the tooth ease. As for the sensitvity sound I feel much better at taking on a loud noises; and the irritation that I felt at loud noises is gone. I came with 80% of tooth pain and has eased to 10%. The migraine was constant has eased to 20%. The ears was constant and also has eased dow to 20%. This has been my first treatment and I feel much much better. I can’t wait to come for another treatment, to get more relaxed and feeling more healthier,   Bhagwant Kaur, London

Bhagwant Kaur


My name is Suriya Kumar. I live in Lewisham. I came & saw Ravinder at KeeCare. I had cold & was not feeling well. He put seeds on my ears and I felt relieved & lighter straight away. I kept the seeds on and within couple of days was fully recovered. From this success, I came to see him as I had been suffering with severe pain on my right shoulder. Again, he put seeds on my ears and I felt relief from my pain. After two further treatments, I had 100% recovery from my shoulder pain. I could sleep well at night without any pain. I felt very happy once again in my life as I had been suffering from my shoulder pain from the last four months Suriya Kumar, Lewisham

Suriya Kumar


I happen to come across Keecare today at Prakash Event, I decided to try it out and see if it helps with my sciatica, neck and shoulder pain.  I am very happy to say that this treatment reduced my pain at various levels for various problems, going upto 80% better for my shoulder problems.  I would highly recommend to try this treatment. Kamaljeet - Prakash Event. Hayes.  



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