KeeCare Natural and Holistic therapies

Home Medical Conditions

*Neck Pain *Frozen Shoulder *Backache *Sciatica Pain *Elbow Pain *Wrist Pain *Hip Pain *Knee Pain *Ankle Pain *Heel Pain

*Sports injuries *Fibromyalgia *Calf cramps *Rheumatic Arthritis *Costal Chondritis *Sacroiliac Joint Pain *RSI *Any other joint Pain *Toothache

*TMJD *Headaches *Migraine *Dizziness *Tinnitus *Improve hearing *Depression *Anxiety *Stress *Stage Phobia/ Nervousness *Exam Fear *Enhance Memory

*Diabetes *Any skin problem *Allergies *Chicken Pox *Deaf and dumb *Thyroid *Tonsils *Voice Loss *Ovarian cyst (PCOD)* Insomnia *Epilepsy and seizures *Cold

*Sneezing *Sore Throat *Fever *Cough *Asthma *Cardiovascular disease *Varicose Veins *Muscular cramps *Facial Hair growth in female *Hair Fall *No Facial hair in males

*Height gain *Weight loss *Water retention *Eye diseases *HIV *Acidity/ Gas /Any Digestion problems *Constipation *Hernia *High B.P. *High cholesterol *Ulcer * Piles.

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